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Ballet and Acrobatic dance training help your child focus.

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Why Ballet training helps children with school performance.

How acrobatic training helps all forms of dance

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The Northern Virginia Ballet School


Nurturing Your Child's Passion For Dance
In A Happy And Wholesome Creative Environment

Open House and Enrollment
for Summer Dance Classes
and Workshops Saturday,
June 24, 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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2017 Summer Dance Classes
and Workshops

Our 17th Annual Spring Concert
will be the weekend of June 10 and 11, 2017.
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performance information.


This class is for anyone seeking a gentle approach to ballet while strengthening and toning all your muscle groups. During this complete body workout, your posture, balance, flexibility, mobility, and energy level will improve as you learn the elegant ART of ballet.

The class is geared to ages 50 and up, but all are welcome - those who danced as a child, but have not been in a dance studio in many years; the absolute beginner; people recovering from an injury or medical crisis; anyone who wanted to learn ballet as a child, but never had the opportunity.

Each class begins on the floor with a gentle warm-up, then progresses to barre and center ballet work. Come and escape the cares of everyday life while improving the quality of your own life, enjoying beautiful music, and making new friends in a relaxed and fun environment.

Thank you to our London sponsors for helping make it possible for us to perform in Europe! We had a fantastic experience during the 2012 Summer Olympics!
Diamond Plus: Mr. & Mrs. T. Eugene Smith 
: US Coast Guard, The Schwetke Family 
: Cork 'n Fork, Chris Greenland, Richard & Sandy LaPage, The Wadlow Family, Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing Clinic 
: 68 Mane, Jim & Kim Carson, Woodside Pediatric Dentistry, Piedmont Pediatrics 
: Mountainside Physical Therapy, Ann Kerr, Village Flowers, Heather's Dancewear Boutique, Mango Tree Inn/Key West, Dance Shoppe of Centreville, Ilene Tognini, Katherine Rosemond LPC, Allstate Warrenton Insurance & Financial Services

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Be sure to review our Ballet and Dance Instruction Philosophy
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"Dance is the most immediate and accessible of the arts because it involves your own body. When a youngster learns to move his body on a note of music, itís exciting. He has taken control of his body; and by learning to do that, he has discovered he can take control of his life."
Jacques díAmboise, Founder, National Dance Institute;
  Principal Dancer, New York City Ballet

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Student - Parent Comments:

"The school is great and the front waiting room Library of ballet, health and dance books and information is the most comprehensive I have seen including the public library. I look forward to my child's classes so I can get educated and stay ahead of my daughter as she moves forward with her dance career."

"The way Ms. Voelpel presents and explains ballet technique for adults is wonderful - it's informative and easy to follow. I also found the ballet school workbooks to be very helpful, no other Warrenton,  or Northern Virginia ballet or dance schools where I have taken classes, provided them."

"I never dreamed my little 2 year old would get such a thrill out of Miss Melissa's dance classes in Creative Movement. She really looks forward to her time at the Ballet Academy. Now, she asks me regularly, if it is time for dance school."

My daughter is thrilled beyond words to move up to Intermediate lll Ballet next year.  She didn't want to miss a single class this summer.  She really has adjusted  well to the change in teachers, and loves Philip and his teaching style.

"With Miss Linda, you want to go to ballet class."

"I've never seen such a well balanced program for teaching classical ballet and Jazz dance together."

"Ms. Voelpel taught me to dance with my heart, not just my arms and legs."

"Miss Melissa was one of the best teachers my child has ever had. She is so patient and kind with her. The way she approaches training with a firm hand yet kind heart my daughter looks forward to her pre ballet classes."

"Miss Linda makes tap dance class fun!"

"Of all the Virginia Ballet schools I have researched, the Ballet Academy of Warrenton, in Northern Virginia offers the best curriculum for me to pursue a professional dance career."

"The Dance instruction is among the best I have ever received but what surprised me most was how spacious the dressing room was and how clean and well kept the dance studios were. (An older student who had taken classes all over the US)

"I have two left feet and Kit explained and demonstrated the technique of Ballroom dance steps so even I could learn it."

"I have taken my child to several acrobatic schools in Northern Virginia but Miss Linda is the most professional teacher she has had. That includes those gymnastics schools which say they teach the same thing - they don't."

I am really thrilled that Denise Fumagali will be teaching Irish Dance at the Ballet Academy this year.

Our Virginia Ballet school combines the skills of Linda Voelpel and a highly trained staff with guest  jazz, tap, modern and ballet dance teachers.

We are members of The Classical Dance Alliance, International Association of Dance Schools (IADSO), Better Business Bureau and the Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce.

Contact Information:

Postal address:      410 Rosedale Ct. #120 Warrenton, VA 20186

Ballet Academy Information: "Contact Us" 



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